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When Its Time to Replace Your Implants

Even though the quality and safety of implants has improved exponentially over time, the longer an implant is in place, there may be an increased risk, or need, for its replacement.Here are the top 5 reasons why replacing your breast implants might be right for you.

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Breast Lift, Augmentation, or Reduction: Which Is Right For You?

If you are looking to repair or enhance your bust, but are unsure which procedure is right for you, learn more about your options in today’s post where we discuss the differences in your breast surgery options. Every person’s needs are different, and no one approach is right for everyone. For the best results, the best approach is a procedure customized to your specific needs.

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If the transition into winter has left you feeling ragged and rundown, a little facial fix might be just the trick to give you back the spring in your step. Dr. Frank Madda can help to revitalize your look just in time for the holidays. Gift yourself that youthful glow and be the shining star we know you are at your next festive fling!

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Liposuction Exposed: Tall Tales & The Truth

As one of the most talked about procedures in plastic surgery, liposuction can leave a prospective patient asking a lot of questions before choosing to proceed. Here are 7 tall tales surrounding liposuction, and the truth exposed for each.

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Getting the most out of your plastic surgery investment is critical. Patients who are committed to a proper recovery after plastic surgery, and who are persistent in choosing health habits for the long run, will enjoy their results from plastic surgery indefinitely. Here are 5 tips for healthy living to help you get the most out of your plastic surgery.

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