May Your Face Be Merry And Bright!


For many of us the transition into winter can leave you feeling rundown and ragged. But with holiday lights set to glow, there’s no reason why you too can’t have that sparkle. If you’re in need of a little holiday pick me up, there’s nothing like the gift of youth to give back that skip in your step. A subtle change that makes a dramatic difference, these facial procedures can create a more youthful appearance that will have you feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, regardless of the season.

Botox: If you find yourself unhappy with the presence of lines, furrows and wrinkles on your forehead, Botox is the answer. Administered by needle injection in order to properly penetrate the skin’s surface, Botox is guaranteed to soften, or even erase the appearance of lines on the faces. Botox injections are made along the forehead, the corners of your outer eye area, and that pesky spot between the eyes, just above the nose. Treatment takes about fifteen minutes and can be performed in the office. The Botox solution is customarily diluted so that the result is not overwhelmingly dramatic. The effects of Botox begin to take shape within 4-5 days of receiving treatment. Botox is a subtle change, that makes a huge difference. Don’t believe us? Click here to read about one patient’s Botox experience.

Juvederm: Loss of volume and elasticity in the cheeks and lines around the lips become extremely common as we age. Juvederm is a smooth gel filler that is used to enhance the size and definition of lips and restore volume to the folds beneath the cheeks. Juvederm offers a quick fix to highlight the facial contours of your youth. Dr. Madda’s focus is always to achieve a natural look that is complimentary to the existing facial structure. Juvederm injections offers a natural facial fullness that will appear in an instant.

Laser Rejuvenation: From “crows feet” to sunspots, acne scars to pockmarks, despite our best efforts these stubborn marks of time often refuse to vanish by means of lotions or scrubs. However, laser rejuvenation can effectively restore the appearance of skin without going under the knife. If you have fine lines or wrinkles around your eyes, mouth or forehead, shallow scars from acne, sun damage, or non-responsive skin following a facelift, then you may be a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing. With this device, high energy amplified light waves of the laser are to remove the top layer of skin, revealing a more balanced skin tone and radiant complexion. This action works to stimulate growth of new collagen fibers. As the treated area heals, the new skin that forms is smoother and firmer. Laser technologies give a level of control, permitting extreme precision, especially in delicate areas. 

Eyelid Surgery For men and women looking to give their appearance a little pick-me-up, eyelid surgery is a simple procedure that makes a dramatic difference. When deep lines, heavy lids and excessive baggage wreak havoc on the skin and muscles around the eyes, we are often left looking tired and depleted. Upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin and fat from the area, while tightening the muscle that begins to stretch as we age. An incision is made at the crease of the upper lid and sutures are used to close the incision, leaving only a youthful shape to the eye and little evidence of surgery. Lower eyelid surgery is performed by removing the excess fat pockets, or bags, that bulge beneath the eyes. This procedure is approached through an incision just beneath the eyelashes. Laser resurfacing of any remaining fines lines around the eyes create the perfect result.

Let Dr. Frank Madda revitalize your look just in time for the holidays. For your free consultation with Chicago’s Top Plastic Surgeon, contact us today. Gift yourself that youthful glow and be the shining star we know you are at your next festive fling!