Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Procedure Description

Nothing changes the appearance of the face as dramatically as eyelid surgery. When we look at each other the focal point is our eyes.

The purpose of eyelid surgery is to create a more youthful appearance and a brighter eyed look for the patient. Eyelid surgery can make a very dramatic impact for both men and women. Upper eyelid surgery is safe and can be completed under local anesthesia, as an out patient in an hour of less.

This in-office procedure is low cost , with minimal discomfort and rapid healing. Lower eyelid surgery removes bags from under the eyes, tightening the skin and creating a more youthful appearance. Recovery for both upper and lower eyelid surgery is four to five days. Recovery is frequently pain free. Sutures are removed after four days and bruising is minimal.

The bruising that might occur is gone in five to seven days. The postoperative swelling is gone in seven to ten days, although some small residual swelling may persist for up to several months. Laser resurfacing of the lower lids, to remove any residual wrinkles, is done at three months post – op. No additional fee for laser resurfacing is charged because it is considered to be part of the surgery.

The goal is always the same a patient thrilled with their results.

Procedure Overview

Benefits: Restore a youthful appearance to upper and lower eyelids
Environment: General Anesthesia, IV Sedation or Local Anesthesia / Out Patient
Recovery:  4 to 5 Days


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