Mommy Makeover

Procedure Description

Every women deserves to feel confident and youthful after having children, and with the Mommy Makeover, it ’s completely possible to restore your body back to its pre- baby state. If men’s bodies changed with child birth as much as women’s bodies change we would be extinct.

The changes of the tummy are due to the expansion of the uterus making room for itself by spreading the rectus muscles apart and stretching the skin. All the sit-ups in the world will not undo the damage. It is not your fault – it’s being a mom.

With pregnancy, the breasts engorge and damage the Cooper’s ligaments which support the breast. After delivery the breast involutes (loose volume), it’s a double whammy. The breast becomes smaller and drops lower. The surgery to repair and tighten the tummy and lift and restore fullness to the breasts can be done at one operation.

The surgery is well tolerated and takes three to three and a half hours.The surgery is done as an out-patient, but you can stay overnight at either the surgery center or the hospital if you like. Recovery to return to most activities is twelve to fourteen days.Results are amazing.

Patients will receive a complete consultation to determine the best course of action, however procedures will include breast lift or augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction. Recovery times vary based on procedure timeline, however after treatment patients can expect to look and feel great with little to no scarring. Inquire into package

Procedure Overview

Benefits: Restore the contours of breasts and abdomen changed by pregnancy
Environment: General anesthesia; Out-patient
Recovery: Generally two weeks

Before & After Photos From This Procedure

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