Thigh Lift

Procedure Description

With significant weight loss and age the appearance of skin laxity at the inner and upper outer thigh can be very frustrating. This loose skin can interfere with and discourage wearing swim suits and shorts. Thigh lift surgery can create effective change at the inner and outer thigh. Thigh lift surgery can create firmer, more youthful looking thighs by reducing excess skin and fat deposits.

The incision for the inner thigh lift is placed in the crease where the thigh meets the body and is generally well hidden. It tightens the upper inner thigh. The outer thigh lift is less commonly done and the incision is placed higher to be concealed by swim wear and under garments. The outer lift does a great job in tightening and smoothing the upper lateral or outer thigh. Both procedures are done under general anesthesia as an out patient, and recovery is generally seven to ten days.

Procedure Overview

Benefits: Tighten and improve contour of the inner and outer thigh 
Environment: Out-patientt
Anesthesia: General
Recovery: Generally 7 to 10 days 

Before & After Photos From This Procedure



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