Procedure Description

Breast augmentation is a simple procedure where a saline or silicone pillow is placed either behind the breast or pectoral muscle to increase the fullness and projection of the breast.

The result creates proportionality, establishing a balance from the bust line to the waist and hips. The effect of creating a beautiful balance after breast augmentation often leads to the appearance of having lost significant weight, because the waist and hips look smaller. With an overreaching goal of improving body image, through a natural looking enhancement of the breast, patients have increased self confidence and improved body image.

The implants are placed completely behind all breast tissue so that they do not interfere with monthly self examination. Nothing is hidden behind the implant. For the same reason, the implants will not impede regular examination by your OB-GYN. Excellent diagnostic mammograms can be done with implants in place.

There is no increase in the risk of breast cancer for women with implants. This is confirmed by a study done at the National Cancer Institute. Implants do not interfere with breast feeding in any way. Both saline and silicone implants are available and both have been shown to give beautiful and safe results. Nothing in all medicine has been tested and examined as extensively as breast implants. They are safe!

Implants do not have expiration dates. They do not need to be replaced every ten years. Implants can be placed above or behind the pectoral muscles. Placement depends on the individual. Each of my surgeries is designed based on the anatomy and best interest of each patient. We are, individually, as different as snowflakes. The surgery takes 1 to 2 hours, and your results will be amazing.

Procedure Overview

Benefits: improvement in proportionality and contour of breasts
Environment: Hospital or Surgery Center outpatient
Anesthesia: General, IV sedation, or local
Recovery: Generally one week


Before & After Photos From This Procedure

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