Laser Resurfacing

Procedure Description

Laser Skin Rejuvenation can restore skin without surgery. From reducing wrinkles and brown spots and scar refinements, this treatment can reduce skin damage and improve skin’s texture and tone.

Laser resurfacing tightens and smoothes the skin and is especially effective for fine line wrinkles and environmental skin damage. It gives the skin a fresh youthful glow. The procedure is done under IV sedation and a local anesthetic as an office procedure. The procedure is low risk and recovery is usually five to seven days initially but residual pinkness of the skin may persist for three weeks to three months. Afterwards you will love your skin again.

Procedure Overview

Benefits: Tightens and smooths facial skin and eyelids
Environment: Out-patient
Anesthesia: IV sedation and Local anesthetic
Recovery: Generally 7 to 10 days


Before & After Photos From This Procedure

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