Macromastia (Breast Reduction)

Procedure Description

A breast reduction , is for women who want to reduce the size of the breasts. Many women experience pain in their neck, back and shoulders because of large breasts. Being full busted has some benefits but also has significant drawbacks. Being full busted does make the waist and hips smaller, but if the breasts are very large they can become problematic. Macromastia (very large breasts) can make it difficult to find clothing that fits and can be a source of self consciousness, especially for younger women. Large breasts can spark comments by men and other women that can be embarrassing, even if not meant to be. Very large breasts can make exercising and many sport activities difficult, painful, and in some cases impossible. Breast reduction surgery reduces, reshapes, and elevates the breasts; and this achieves better support and comfort for the patient. The secret to the perfect breast reduction is to make the breasts beautifully proportionate. It is extremely important not to make the breast to small so that the final results maintains a balance relationship to the waists and hips. It is also critical, for a natural look , to preserve the correct balance between the width of the breast and the size of the breast.

Procedure Overview

Benefits: Benefits re establish contour and position of breasts
Environment: General anesthesia; Out-patient
Recovery: Generally one week


Before & After Photos From This Procedure

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